Our Principles


At Benchmark Numbers, we thrive on credibility. Our team is is guided by ethics of the profession. We present to you the real facts, nothing but the facts.  


Our ability to remain neutral in all aspects of our work makes Benchmark Numbers the topmost go-to site for the discerning reader.


Our Services

Key Facts

Benchmark Numbers provides a central repository of key indicators derived from a series of observed facts across the various sectors in Ghana and about Ghana that reveal relative changes as a function of time.

Data Analysis

We use the latest mining and artificial intelligence methods to extract valuable information from different data sets to support your decision making. We perform descriptive analysis, inferential analysis, neural network and many others.

Data Visualization and Infographics

Benchmark Numbers employs the latest creative techniques in data visualization and infographics. We give a visual representation, events and numbers that reflect a pattern and tell story a story a glance.

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Benchmark Numbers

Your trusted one-stop data visualization website that gives you insight into the most complex data. We present to you facts, figures and statistical data on the various sectors in Ghana.


We tell the story of the numbers and help educate citizens by sharing data on the growing trends in the various sectors of the economy.


We build leadership around the most challenging aspects of data visualization and accelerate adoption of visualization in a relatable approach, which makes it easier for you to make meaning out of any data.

Best Team

We are a team of highly skilled, competent and dedicated individuals who are guided by integrity to bring you the real facts on the ground. 

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Impress your audience, strengthen your arguments and enrich your presentation with credible data and infographics from Benchmark Numbers.